“Success isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon”: The Morals of Business with London REIGN CEO Asher Grant

The co-founder of The London REIGN is a humble young entrepreneur who has found success through his sense of integrity and perseverance. Born to Israeli-English parents in Brighton, Asher Grant started his career as a perfume sprayer in Harrods and later became a table waiter at the top nightlife venues in London. Through fostering those connections, delivering cupcakes to concierges and dining with powerful business leaders, he found investors that believed in him and financed his first business ten years later. Having gained vital experience, developed sound business acumen and building up his little black book of connections, he now co-owns the quirky show club – The London REIGN.

Over the last 2 years, The London REIGN has welcomed the likes of A-list guests such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Will I Am, One Direction, Brooklyn Beckham, Nicole Scherzinger, Anthony Joshua, Rihanna, Connor McGregor and Drake. It was rumoured that Brooklyn Beckham met his ex-girlfriend there.

After only 1 year of operation, The London REIGN won “Best New Club” at the 2018 London Club & Bar Awards. We spoke to Asher Grant to find out how he has become so successful in the hospitality industry and to obtain some pearls of wisdom from a budding business entrepreneur. 

What other business entrepreneurs do you look up to?

I think you can learn something from everyone, and I respect many CEO’s and entrepreneurs worldwide. However, having recently read Shoe Dog I was inspired by his perseverance and constant determination, so I have to say Phil Knight.  

What is your business mentality? 

I think it is so important to surround yourself with brilliant people who are like minded and share your vision and values. Unity is strength and in business great things are achieved by an entire team and not by a single individual. My business partners have been a massive part of REIGN’s success – Scott Chester, Michael Chellew, Francesco Russo and Garry Caprani. 

Looking back, do you have any past business decisions which you would change in retrospect? 

I try not to look back with regret, albeit this is sometimes easier said than done. However, it is important to look at past mistakes as future lessons as they continue to make us stronger.

One of my previous business ventures, Streaky Gin sadly failed, but the lessons I learnt were invaluable. The most successful leaders in the hospitality industry, assess and evaluate these mistakes to become an improved version of themselves. 

How do you continue to build connections with clients? 

I remember the small details, from personal information about their family to their favourite drink. It evidences the fact that you listen and you care about your clients. It never goes unnoticed. This requires you to find the time, no matter how busy you are – just spending five minutes with a client means a lot. It is so important to maintain relationships that I sometimes find myself having four dinners in one single evening.

Do you have any advice to share with young entrepreneurs? 

“Success isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon” – I believe in persistence and determination, these attributes are the keys to success. 

Where’s next? Do you have any expansion plans or additional business ventures?

Yes, we have plans to open a fine dining restaurant and lounge, as well as taking REIGN international. In addition, with my New York co-founder, Laurent Manuel, I am opening ‘Eggrun ’ which is a grab-n-go egg concept, which will be opening in various locations across London. In addition, I am extremely passionate about sustainability (albeit a self-proclaimed “flawed” social activist) and I have banned single-use plastic from Eggrun. I have also recently launched ‘REIGN Cares’ which is the charitable arm of REIGN with the ambition to give back to the local community and environment. 

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