Building Your Business: It’s About the Long Game

Building your business is not just about one singular component, it comprises so many different strands. Whether you are looking at building your brand or you are working on numerous components at the same time, the overriding thought can be that it’s not happening fast enough. If we see our contemporaries head and shoulders above our efforts, we can feel that we are lagging behind somewhat. But it’s important to remember that building your business is all about the long game. Let show you just how you can make this the overriding thought so you can build a business properly.

Everybody Has Had to Freelance

They may very well be concealing it from you, but it’s important to remember that when you are building up a business it’s very likely you’re going to have to freelance on the side. And there is no shame in this. Ultimately, whether you are looking to bid on work as a delivery driver or you are being a virtual assistant, it is all grist to the mill. Playing the long game in business is about learning how to work with other professionals. And it may feel like you are taking a step back if you have to freelance while building your business, but you are learning invaluable skills on the way up. People skills. Life skills. Accounting skills. The list goes on. All of these sorts of skills you acquire as a freelancer will not go unused. So you may as well suck it up and be a freelancer in the meantime. Besides, it gives you extra money in the short-term.

The Importance of Building Your Skill Set

The more skills you acquire over time, the better it will be for your business. The great thing about building up your business slowly over time means that it will appear like you are coming out of the gates fully formed. This is the great thing with any supposedly “new” business. By biding your time and working at improving the things that you perceive to be failures, either in your business or in your skillset, you will feel more equipped to deal with problems when they come your way. Building a skill set over time is also beneficial to you because you don’t feel the pressure. Doing this while working on a side hustle or even while working a full-time job gives you the luxury of time. Building up your skills without the pressure of having to come out of the gates at full speed is a luxury. Compare this to others who feel they have to hit the ground running because they’ve already set up their business website and have invested significant capital. You have a distinct advantage because you can slowly and surely build-up what you need over time.

Playing the long game can seem like a foolish option, but we have to remember that when we are building up any form of business that time is the biggest battle. Learning to build up your business over time will give you far better insights. Not just in business, but in yourself.

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Darie Nani
Darie Nani

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