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Maggie Webber always knew she was different. Tired of making money for other people, she became an entrepreneur. Now a best selling author, Maggie helps other working mothers do the same.

A Working Mother’s Place in the World of Business

Maggie Webber defines success not by the size of your house or how flash your car is, but by making sure that your “vocation is your vacation”, that everyday what you are working towards is still lighting a fire in your belly, and that it gives you such joy that you show your gratitude by creating a legacy to leave behind you.

Webber remembers a quote from John Grey, “A working mother today is doing her mother and her father’s job. A single working mother is a miracle worker, or she is simply crazy”.

This resonated with her, and she soon realised she wanted to share with other mothers her tips and techniques she had learned in order to save her sanity, leading her to start up her own business from home.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I have never fitted in, especially as a child. I came from a very academic family, where getting a university degree and having a steady, professional job for someone else was the way we were brought up to be. Yet, from the age of 4, I dreamed of becoming an actor and presenting in some way, be it on stage or on the radio.

I started earning an income at a very early age; I knew that with a bit of creativity and negotiation, I could earn a lot more than the pocket money I received.  I started babysitting at age nine and had my first basic set of accounts at age ten.

Despite ending up with three degrees, this was only to impress my family and was not my true passion. I started my own marketing and consultancy company in my late 30’s, which has been a huge success.

Was there a major life event that led you to this decision?

I had recently returned to Australia after many years of living and working overseas. When I attended interviews upon my return, I was constantly told I was “too overqualified” – so I was happier simply being a waitress for a while, until I found my passion and my lane.

Working for other people, who were earning double what I was earning yet had done little study or hard work to get there, greatly frustrated me. So, I thought “enough is enough”, and decided to start my own company.

What are the best and most challenging parts of your career?

The best part is watching women, many of whom have constantly put everyone else’s needs first, leading to their exhaustion, regret, guilt and often resentment – turn that formula on its head, so that they now put themselves first, and everyone is so much happier because of it!

The most challenging part is watching women who, because of their loving, nurturing, kind, and perhaps naive nature, get taken advantage of, in both business and life in general. The most challenging – yet rewarding – part, is making sure these women give themselves some ‘tough love’ and set some good, strong boundaries with those around them.

What problems do you hope to solve?

For years, I have guided many women to find their passion and purpose, then turn that into a business – that they can run from home if they so choose.

These days, I am much more focused on guiding working mothers to learn about the many benefits of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, and how to invest their hard-earned finances, in safe, secure yet high earning investments. Behind these projects are a number of disruptive, socially impactful technologies, that not only support investors but they all help the planet as well.

What has been the most satisfying moment in your career so far?

I have received awards from the Women Economic Forum and been nominated for Telstra Businesswoman of the Year twice, as well as becoming a bestselling author.

Although these were great achievements, I believe the most satisfying moment in my career was when I saw one woman, a highly recognised psychologist, have an ‘aha moment’ and take responsibility for the part she had played in many of the challenges she had been facing in her life, and realise how magnificent and gifted she truly was. She turned her attitude from one of being her former husband’s victims, into one of courage, resilience and victory. I glow with happiness and pride every time I think of her!

What is the best piece of advice you can give someone starting their own business?

Work out your passion and purpose before you start, then draw a team around you to do the parts you do not like or are not your top strengths. It is amazing how inexpensive a virtual assistant or expert on Upwork can be, to help you get the very best from your time and talents. Or even team up with another person, such as another working mother, who is also tired of making someone else a millionaire at their expense! So, work smart, not hard. One of the greatest reasons for my success was that I learned very quickly not to try and do everything myself, but to leverage myself, my time and energy.

About Maggie Webber

Maggie Webber always knew she was different. Tired of making money for other people, she became an entrepreneur. Now a best selling author, Maggie helps other working mothers do the same.

Maggie Webber classes herself as two separate entities; Micro Maggie and Macro Maggie.

Micro Maggie is a small business coach and consultant, who is particularly interested in guiding working women – especially working mothers – to start their own business from home. She is the author of the best-selling “A Working Mother’s Guide to a Guilt-Free Career”, and is currently writing another, titled “A Working Mother’s Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency”.

Macro Maggie is on the Advisory Board of a global IT platform, which funds businesses with disruptive technologies that assist the hardest working mother of all – Mother Earth. They have raised the investment funds for 45 companies in the past 2 years, and it is their intention to fund another 500 in the next 5 years.

You can also connect with Maggie on Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter.

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