Appeals Court Lifts U.S. Ban On Latest Apple Watch Models, Sales Resume

Appeals Court ruling follows Biden Administration decision to uphold earlier ITC order banning the sale of certain Apple Watches

Tech giant Apple Inc. has successfully lifted the ban on the sale of its latest smartwatch models in the US, following a 11th hour appeals court ruling . The decision allows the company to resume its smartwatch business across US stores and online platforms.

Background of Sales Halt

Apple’s smartwatch sales had been on a pause due to a ruling made by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) . Acting in favor of a claim by medical device manufacturer Masimo Corp., the ITC had ordered a halt on the import and sale of certain Apple smartwatch models in the US.

The ban followed accusations by Masimo Corp. that Apple infringed on its patented blood-oxygen technology in the manufacturing of their smartwatches. This resulted in the ITC’s decision to suspend the sale of these products in the US to protect the interest of Masimo Corp.

However, following an appeal court judgement on Wednesday 27th Dec, Apple has announced the resumption of sales for its Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2. US retail outlets are set to have the smartwatches back on shelves this Wednesday. Meanwhile, online sales are expected to resume by Thursday noon Pacific time.

Significance for Apple’s Business

The decision to lift the ban acts as a quick relief for Apple’s wearables, home, and accessories segment, which includes Apple Watch, generating $8.28 billion in revenue in Q3 2023.

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