8 Tips For Hosting An Amazing Outdoor Event After Lockdown

As the lockdown period stars to ease off and the post Covid 19 social landscape starts to become clearer, event planners and guests can’t wait to be reunited! The engagement that no e-meeting or virtual event can replace, a face to face interaction is second to none! All grateful to video platforms who served businesses across the world, but being able to connect in person is something which humans can’t live without and communities continue to crave for.

You might run a networking company, or perhaps you have been working on some products for the last few months and are ready to fire on all cylinders. Maybe you are in the middle of a rebrand and a reboot. No matter what the situation is, there is a lot to be said for running a successful outdoor event. 

Outdoor events have a quality that many venues don’t have. They feel more exciting, they have added challenges, and usually, you can be more flexible with the number of people you can host. 

Here are 8 simple tips to make your next outdoor event a fun-filled, purpose-driven success. 

Here are 8 simple tips to make your next outdoor event a fun-filled, purpose-driven success. 
Slowly coming out from the lockdown, here are a few tips for your next outdoor event


There is a reason this is number one. The most common complaint is that the bathrooms are too small, not clean, or there aren’t enough. In order to avoid this situation, you should make sure you hire a luxury toilet .

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Eat Well

You have to make sure that you guests have more than enough to eat. At outdoor events, there isn’t always a sit-down, it tends to be a buffet and waiters. Try to avoid any potential allergy issues and hire a caterer that has an excellent reputation for their nibbles. An alternative is having a food truck and a smoker. It will depend on the type of event! 


You never know what weather you will get, so it is essential that you have something like a tent available for people to catch some shade in or avoid any rain. Tents and gazebos are ideal if you have speakers, activities or products people can check out. 


You will need to get assurance from the venue you can run from their power into your outdoor space, or see what style of a generator is best for your power needs. 


If you have an outdoor space and it is in a prestigious area, then you might want to make the most of it. Consider the timing of the event. What will give the best impression? A mid-afternoon or a late afternoon that heads into the evening with a sunset view and food and drink on tap? Go for the wow factor. 


During the planning stages, try to think about all of the events that had something special, what stood out to you and would be a reason that you would attend another event by that host? What can you do to tie it into what you are promoting, how can you capitalise on the link between product and event? 


Create a hashtag and get your guests sharing on social media. Or, if you want to create an exclusive atmosphere – consider if you want the ability to use a mobile phone at the event. You can control the PR with a firmer hand that way, and invite select media outlets and influencers to cover the event in a more curated way. 

Give it Away

Depending on what the event is for, consider giving your guest something that they can take away. Skip the keyrings and pens, think outside the box. Use what you know about your audience to create the perfect take-home. 

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