Camile Appleby is a mother of 3 sons and married to Papa Diop. They have jointly built a thriving brand, Pape & Camile which is a successful, black-owned hair business in the U.K. Camile has humble beginnings and began as her own brand ambassador which worked well for her. Their global brand begun with Camile’s passion for hairdressing, make-up and styling. She began as a hairdresser and noticed a niche in the market to supply human hair to her clients. The process of sourcing good quality hair was tedious and expensive for them. She was determined to add value to her hairdressing business as well as become a major player in this multi-billion global industry. Her thinking was ‘why can’t we produce and sell it as well as benefit from our consumerism, whilst looking good?’. The process of sourcing good quality hair was tedious and expensive for them. Camile was determined to add value to her hairdressing business.

The business started very small where she was styling her hair, modelling her own designs along with doing her own makeup. She took her own photos and did her own promotions because she was not financially able to pay for these services. Her talent drew the attention she needed and clients begun to ask for the same quality of hairstyles as Camile wore. She was motivated by how quickly wearing her own creations escalated into a good business platform. A demand for the hair she used grew, so she started ordering in larger quantities – which was risky as she didn’t have an outlet for sale then. However, she still took the chance as she believed in where her she stopped hairdressing and focused on being a hair supplier because there was no time to do both. She begun as a retailer, then a wholesaler and now a producer with her own factory. Their factory has over 50 employees globally, and numerous agents in Europe and Africa. From DIY marketing, they are

now on London Busses and Sky TV (ABN Televison (235) and Nollywood (329) advertising their successful brand, the largest black-owned wholesale and retail hair business in the U.K. They can be contacted for good quality extensions produced by those who know and love hair. Instagram – Pandc_hair Facebook – Pchair-ltd YouTube – Pape and Camile

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Dr Marina Nani
Dr Marina Nani


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