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A Journey into the Future

Incorporating this new paradigm promoted by Ismael Cala constitutes the “breaking point” needed to remain current, avoid extinction, and become conscious leaders committed to our expansion and that of the world around us. Nowadays, companies and societies need leaders who are willing to step up to the next level.

Verónica Sosa

World class entrepreneur, award-winning international speaker, author, and foremost an extraordinary mother, Veronica empowers women towards living better through BusinessFit Magazine, with her personal motto: “Together is Better” and several initiatives.

Veronica helps women entrepreneurs with the first steps to successfully launch their business online and access a platform to be seen with the BusinessFit Magazine.

 Co-founder of SHE (Seminar for Hispanics Entrepreneurs in Europe) the first women speakers platform in Europe that helps women reach the balance between body, mind, and spirit. Veronica has become an expert in Relational Capital giving conferences around the world in countries like South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Copenhagen, Spain, Holland, Cyprus and North America. 

You developed a unique system to empower Hispanic women and guide them through the process of becoming leaders in their industry. What is Exponential Leadership?

Millions of years ago, an asteroid collided with our planet and caused a change in the atmosphere that resulted in the dinosaur extinction. However, “dinosaurs” still exist in our world today, and they’re also doomed to disappear if they don’t adopt the technological wave of change in time. There are new threats, and they aren’t necessarily from asteroids.

It’s a paradigm shift: until recently, we exchanged our work for hours and money, but now the global economy is based on experience. We must establish another type of leadership that takes into account logic and intuition. With that premise, Ismael Cala reflects on some kind of mindful exponential leadership in this conference accompanied by top speakers.

What is the connection you have with Chocolate? 

I love fine things in life. As you know, we both are available for chocolate! Creating life lasting relationships is as much a form of science as it is an art form. I find networking to be similar with process of creating finest chocolate but with additional social benefits. Following the Conference we host in May in Belgium, attendees have a unique opportunity to network with the speakers and participants of the conference and enjoy a magical chocolate tasting experience offered by Puro Origen, which distributes exclusively in BENELUX the finest chocolates from Venezuela, Chocolates El Rey, where the best cacao in the world comes from.

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Dr Marina Nani
Dr Marina Nani


Dr Nani is the Founder of Sovereign Magazine. She is also Editor-in-Chief of Sovereign's sister publication, Rich Woman Magazine. Passionately advocating for Social Edification, Dr Marina Nani is coining a new industry, MAKE THE NEWS ( MTN) with the aim to diagnose and close the achievement gap globally. Founder of RICH WOMAN SOCIETY™ Marina believes that there is a genius ( Stardust) in each individual, regardless past and present circumstances; "not recognising the talent in each individual, leaves our society at loss. Sharing the good news makes a significant difference on your perception about yourself, your industry and your community."