Time is a constant companion – sometimes helpful,  enjoyable, slippery, a pressure or….?

Like all of us I cannot say exactly WHAT it is – we just have to live with it. What I can say and do is give an understanding of how we can align better with our inner timekeepers and the cycles set into motion when we or our business are born.

We are part of a bigger picture and live under a common sky which, along with the earth,  is saturated with rhythms and a quiet patience. We are both of stardust and the earth!

We are not alone. Loneliness is only the mismatch between ourselves and places, jobs and relationships.

Aligning with the bigger picture and our life asks of us to simplify our approach.

We are living in a complicated modern world which can confuse and stress us. It is said that the art of knowing a subject well is being able to convey it simply to others. And so it is with living with ourselves. Timing is known at a very deep and intimate level within our cells and psyches – we are born with it from that first breath. To be in harmony with our self and the outer world means being very aware of those inner timekeepers.


A bit like a virus, the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety can fill the air. As we grow progressively more sensitive and  our vibrational fields expand it has never been a better time to wake up, shed some skins and think outside the box. Of course we need some limits and compartments and indeed time creates these in part – but it is easy to get pot bound and fearful.

With a lot of questions circling around regarding security, the economy etc we too easily freeze  our capacity to let energy flow.  We stick with familiarity and outmoded situations or complain or we impulsively take sudden risks involving change and forget we take ourselves with us where ever go with our inner self feeling no better!


i like the inspiration available to us at present! Things may feel nebulous, unsure, but the reality is we are spiritual beings in human form and energy needs to grow and move. We have Spring around the corner and, like a young child,  we can capture the freshness of exploring and seeing what is around that corner.


This year of 2018 sees the mirror of the skies giving pointers to turning points in our developmental evolution.  As the slower moving planets change  zodiac signs new time spirits come on stage, both personally and collectively.


Saturn, father time, is in its home sign of pragmatic Capricorn now till the end of 2020. Dealing with basics, realising there are no more ‘excuses’ for our actions and getting real about our goals are on the agenda.  Are you finding this to be the case since the end of 2017?  How authentic are you being?

Jupiter, the expander,  all this year in the transformative sign of Scorpio, encourages a deeper look at areas of end of life care, joint finances and a healthier sharing of resources. What are we ready to let go of and how can we  honour our values more and be truly rich in the ways which count?

Uranus, the change bringer and inventor, enters earthy, tactile and master builder Taurus in mid May where it will stay for the next seven years.  This is a biggie!  Breakthroughs and breakdowns of papered over cracks emerge in our lives and we let light into those and move on.  We become more in touch with bodily health and environmental issues. New research, discoveries and healings occur.

These changing cycles are our allies – we are not alone.  It is time to be our inner parent and mentor, to be more innovative with fear and stuck conditions, and to be more grounded. 


Take time to pause – allow to surface your inner timekeepers and listen to their messages about new pathways.

Allow time to settle comfortably with you as a familiar friend. Rushing never helps and puts us out of harmony with our pathway.

Avoid low-grade panic and anxiety by observing your breathing and feeling the space between the in and out breaths. Sense when is the time to pause, start and when to persevere.


No piece of music or dance, even a conversation, is graceful without a pause or space. We can also easily fill in our diaries so we don’t feel we are missing out and, when the time comes, we sometimes wish there was a gap!  Nature abhors a vacuum, it is said, but it will fill it beautifully if we trust the spaces. When in a fog standing still makes sense…. This year these words become essential to apply to our lives.  Ironically we get more done productively when we pace ourselves and trust the quiet moments.

The Ancient Greeks had another word for time alongside Chronos ( chronological) – Chronos was the  Geek equivalent of the Roman god Saturn. They called this other time Kairos  – a window of time and the quality of time which opens up a vista containing moments when we know just when to surrender,  allow ourselves to step out of time and even experience ‘God’s time!  Events can lead up to this or it visits us unexpectedly. But it happens. It is sacred and valuable.

This year some of us have felt put on hold in an assortment of ways – weather, illness, a chosen sabbatical and the like – and have discovered that a need for inner quietness surfaced and was met. They have benefitted from non action. Have you?

After a valuable pause in time, the future vision can become more noticeable. There is new space and perspective and a new willingness to make authentic choices and simplify matters. It has never been a better time for the power of simplicity.

Give a thought to what simplicity means to you.  It is an inner state of mind, not just a decluttering of possessions.

Being a  creator with your ideas and not thinking small fits well with this time period.

Don’t ‘paddle a canoe in a small pond’,  being busy- busy and not realizing that the safe pond won’t reach the sea of potential.

As the poet Robert Browning wrote: “Oh, but a man’s reach must exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”

Yes, we live in uncertain times – the media certainly promotes that idea  – and we are dealing with the unexpected, but choosing to be more alive this year just because of that is highly creative and evolutionary. Put that spring in your step and be curious!

Change is inevitable; growth optional!    Time wants us to use it wisely and it walks happily beside us when we do.

Do you have a question for me regarding timing? 

Email me at : [email protected]  or have a read of my web


Ysanne Lewis has worked as a professional astrologer, forecaster and timing consultant for  nearly four decades, both here in the UK and also in the USA, Dubai, Hong Kong,

S. Africa and Scandinavia.

She is the author of “The Time Catcher: How To Time Your Actions To Turn Challenges Into Opportunities”

She employs a creative and tailor fitted approach to businesses and uses the planetary angles and cycles to navigate her clients through change and highlights optimum times for start ups, launches, events  and contract timings.  Her  tried and tested techniques,  guidance and accuracy, see many returning clients in the fields of finance, small businesses, and events and projects management.  She is an entertaining speaker and makes her subject very accessible to people from all walks of life.

She also assists in helping people psychologically remove blocks to progress and to experience their horoscope as a living energy to cooperate with and change the outmoded patterns which get in the way of being a true creator in personal and business life.  An international speaker,  author, radio host and workshop leader she enjoys making a complex subject accessible to  people from all works of life.  Putting them in touch with their timing Ysanne enjoys empowering her audiences to  catch the wave with their inner knowing and life purpose.





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Ysanne Lewis
Ysanne Lewis

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