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Lana Kapelas reveals how detoxing, re-learning, banishing bad habits and understanding food facts can help you stay healthy and energetic

Individual choices help transform our society but improving your health prove to be the most challenging experience, despite a health and care system that enables people to make healthier lifestyle choices. We learn to be more resilient, to face illness and disability when it arises, with an open mind. What is the solution to happier, longer lives for mature age? What can we learn from the progress the health and care system has already made, and what can be learned from insiders’ industries and the wider economy? Can we access complete wellness? What are the healing and vitality solutions in the market today that truly rebuild health and recharge energy? There are so many commitments in your life already, you are expected to go the extra mile for your clients, for your team, for your family…and you do, but can you commit yourself to your own wellbeing? And if you do, who could help you go the extra mile?

Your body could be the victim of your job, and a low-energy executive is leaving not only his company at a loss but his self-esteem and performance level. As you try to work harder, it takes longer to get your job done and meet expectations, and as a result quality time with your family is impaired, when affected by fatigued.

According to NHS recent Statistics, there is an 18% increase In 2016/17, there were 617,000 admissions in NHS hospitals where obesity was the main factor, while health experts in the US consider 40% of CEOs are technically obese. We invited Konstantinos Kapelas to share his successful adventure into wellness which was the foundation for the Kapelas Health & Vitality System and led him to be the co-founder of Total Health Now® together with his wife, Lana Kapelas.

For many years, Konstantinos held senior positions in the Catering and Travel industries. Often working long hours under pressure, his health and well-being started to rapidly decline. Like many busy executives, he only recognized this when it had already become very serious. At that point, Kostas made a life-changing decision. He became determined not only to make changes to improve his health and vitality, but also to leave behind the stresses of commercial management. As a result, he began extensive research into health, vitality and focused on the best techniques and treatments available. By employing these wisely in his own life, he gradually transformed his health, vitality and also his emotional and personal well being.

Today he is a qualified practitioner in several leading health skills and now helps others to achieve the same gains he has. Kostas learned that no single treatment can claim to be a cure-all. With his personal experiences to support his findings, he recognized that a programme of action, tailored to the needs and circumstances of the individual, is the most effective approach. Lana Kapelas is a wellness coach, a supporter of breastfeeding mothers, and is successfully running the e-shop, which provides holistic health and vitality solutions. Lana is a mother of two young children who enjoy excellent health. Total Health Now is a holistic healthcare service situated a short walk from Russell Square tube station in Bloomsbury, London. 

Lana Kapelas reveals how detoxing, re-learning, banishing bad habits and understanding food facts can help you stay healthy and energetic.

 Lana, you and your husband are strong believers in the value of holistic health. What is your solution to the health challenges executives are facing sooner or later in their life?

From our own experiences and health improvements, through to our work with hundreds of clients, we have seen the unquestionable results. Our goal is to design bespoke changes that transform all aspects of your life and to help you achieve and maintain optimum health.

You don’t need to have a ‘problem’ to visit us. We believe strongly in preventative health care, rather than waiting for a medical concern to appear before seeking help. We only ever get given one body in life and it’s our job to look after it.

You believe in prevention and one of your solutions is a 28-day detox and cleans program. What does this involve?

We’re glad you asked because this is one of our top treatments and the results have been extraordinary for many of our clients. It is a 28-day detox and cleanse, based on a programme that was first established in 1994 thanks to Italian doctors who had been exploring the benefits of combining a metabolic diet with dynamic manual lymphatic drainage massage. Originally adopted by many well-known celebrities, over the years it has filtered down into becoming more widely available.

Our clients visit the clinic three times a week over 28 days for the duration of the programme. They will have 12 lymphatic drainage treatments in total using our state-of-the-art equipment. Many people choose to combine these sessions with other services, including allergy tests, health MOTs and colon hydrotherapy – however, these aren’t an obligation of the programme.

Our clients also follow a considered easy to follow food plan throughout the programme. However, this doesn’t involve diet or deprivation. There is no portion control, so you won’t be going hungry. We provide carefully developed meal plans and guidance for clients with lots of delicious recipes. The general rule is that the food plan should consist of natural foods only – no pre-made soups or dressings, or meats with marinades. Everything must be fresh, and we always advise our clients to keep it simple.

What are the benefits for clients who decide to undertake your program?

Clients have described an increase in energy levels, fewer hunger cravings, and an improved mood overall. It worth mentioning that clients release fat rather than water and muscle which is normally the case when trying to lose weight.

We focus on the internal congestion within our bodies, caused by the annual build-up of calcified toxic waste. The programme works by supporting the liver through a cleansing and balanced diet, combined with sessions on a unique detoxifying machine that utilises lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate the system and break down any toxicity in the gut.

This is supported by breathing training, emotional/stress resilience techniques, education on how to shop for healthy products and how to protect yourself against toxic food products and electromagnetic radiation, as well as a full month of one-to-one coaching to help you achieve your health goals. Alongside all of this, we also recommend beneficial cleansing supplements, tried-and-tested by ourselves.

The programme aids in weight loss and detoxification, cleansing your body from environmental toxicity, as well as helping you heal from ongoing health issues and medical problems. In fact, it’s widely considered the number one programme in the world for seeing guaranteed weight loss and visible results that last.

Why is the human body so bad at holding onto toxins?

 Within today’s society, we hardly ever give our body sufficient time to digest the last meal before snacking, drinking or beginning another one. This means our body starts to store the food it is digesting as fat. There is also an increase of chemical additives in the modern diet, which means more toxins in our bodies. Even our table water has chemicals in it. The body needs to be re-trained to find ways of going back to the good old days when it was able to remove toxins much more easily.

What results have you seen? 

We first began offering the detox four years ago at Total Health Now Clinic and have since added our own spin, hence the plus sign in its name! We’ve since had hundreds of very happy clients. For us, the results speak for themselves. During this programme, our past clients have achieved significant weight loss – the greatest ones being a reduction in weight of 27 lbs (almost two stone in fat) in four weeks, and a loss of 42 inches, also in four weeks.

One of your clients,  Bernard Merry says he lost over 14lbs of toxic fat and inches on his waist, neck and arms. To quote him, he says ‘My trousers are now looser, and my friends comment on how much better I look. My allergy and eczema-like symptoms on my scalp have cleared. I sleep better, and my digestion, elimination and skin appearance has improved. I was also able to cut my prostate medication by half and soon will be able to stop it altogether.’ Do you often register success stories like Bernard’s?

Many clients have said they’ve found the programme has eased existing conditions such as IBS, eczema, arthritis, blood pressure problems, migraines and low moods. For our client Nina Conzales, he was able to resolve her constipation problems. As she notes, “I went through the program and the results were better than I could imagine. Constipation was gone and as an extra benefit, I lost 12.20lbs of fat and 19inches. I also have more energy, I sleep better and I have adopted new habits for a healthier lifestyle.”

This unique detox is the first step towards healthy weight loss and improved wellness. We don’t believe in yo-yo dieting or deprivation. For us at Total Health Now, everything we do involves looking at our health holistically and sustainably.

And does the weight stay off?

As with anything, it all depends on what you do after the programme. We hope to change your habits and way of thinking in a long-term, sustainable way. It isn’t about losing weight and then piling it all back on again, as this isn’t good for your health or mental wellbeing.

If you go back to junk food after the programme, then you will put weight back on. However, if you continue following the programme in the same way, then you’ll simply continue to lose weight and improve your health. Our programme doesn’t require any exercise and is easy to follow, so it shouldn’t be difficult to stay on track.

For some clients, they never need to come back to us again as the programme has set them on the right path. For others, they like to come back at regular intervals for extra guidance and support. We are passionate about helping our clients and always seek to advise where possible. Many clients like this supportive approach.

How is your solution different to other programmes on the market?

There are so many slimming products and diets on the market, and we recognise how hard it is for our clients to decipher which are real and which are nothing more than a gimmick. Many only offer short-term results, which involve yo-yo dieting and deprivation. Throughout the 28 days programme, you are fully supervised, monitored and supported in a one-to-one capacity. It doesn’t involve exercise or rigorous dieting, which for many people is just unsustainable. Instead it helps by treating a person holistically, rebalancing the body and reshaping your silhouette. Our food plans also don’t have restrictions on when and how much food is consumed.

Who could benefit from your solution?

Whether you want to lose weight, clear your mind or improve your energy levels, you need to escape the yo-yo diet and break bad eating habits. As it doesn’t require exercise, you don’t need to worry about being athletic or having lots of time. It is completely holistic so there is no medication or surgery involved.

Our solution is suitable for people with all types of health conditions, including skin problems and diabetes. As Claudia Jordan told us after here treatment, ‘It is the most positive thing I have done for myself. On day one I was feeling low in energy, I had red patches on my face, I had a lot of inflammation and over all I felt I really needed a change. The whole process was a learning curve for me in terms of nutrition and Lana was always so supportive, full of advice and encouragement. On day 28 I felt so clean, my skin was glowing (no more red spots) and I lost 10lbs which! My whole family has benefited from this, now my children also eat better highly recommended.’

And what sort of support will you get?

 We mentor our clients all the way through, offering guidance and support. We’re always at the end of the telephone or in the room, helping to break free throughout the process. We never wish to come across as preaching, we share and pass along our knowledge and research proactively.

When clients tell us the brands they like to eat or use, we’ll always suggest healthier brands where possible. If someone says they definitely can’t cut something out their diet (e.g. sweetener), then we’ll simply suggest a better choice of brand for them.

Any surprising experiences on the horizon?

Most clients comment on how surprising their weight loss is, and how much easier it feels to lose weight compared to other diets they may have tried in the past. They also report feeling increased energy levels, which impacts all areas of their life. Because the food plan doesn’t include fatty or sugary foods, you can be confident that you won’t experience bloating, artificial highs, and excess fat storage.

You’ll also learn to embrace the many wonderful benefits of freshly cooked foods, home-made marinades, exotic fruits and vegetables, plus a variety of new ways to cook from steaming to roasting, stir-frying to marinating, poaching to grilling, slow-cooking to griddling. It isn’t hard to cook this way but can quickly and easily transform the flavours and textures of meat or vegetables.

For further details please pay us a visit online or book your place with Total Health Now on +44 207 293 0440



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