On The Pink Couch with Dr Désirée Saddik

‘The Pink Wig’ one branch of ‘The Pink Couch’ addresses any issue involving psychology and the law.  It is most relevant to those who have suffered sexual harassment and abuse

Consultant Child, Adolescent and Family Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Associate Fellow of British Psychological Society with over 30 years of experience in Adult, Infant Child, Adolescent and Family Assessment and Treatment. I currently hold a Consultant Lead post at a major NHS Mental Health Trust and I am the lead of psychology within Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) of a major mental health Trust in London. I have a private practice in Harley Street.

I specialise in providing Medico-legal and Expert Witness Court Reports, particularly in parent access and custody cases, child neglect and abuse, child forensic psychological assessments and fitness to plead, trauma assessment including post traumatic stress disorder assessments from road traffic accidents, age assessments, assessment of children with refugee/asylum seeker status and other general traumas and psychometric assessments.

The Pink Couch Ltd provides high quality psychological services to individuals throughout the life cycle. It was founded by, Consultant Lead infant, child, adolescent, family and adult clinical psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. 

‘The Pink Couch’ has several branches of specialist expertise.

‘The Pink Wig’ one branch of ‘The Pink Couch’ addresses any issue involving psychology and the law.  It is most relevant to those who have suffered sexual harassment and abuse. It provides expert witness work assessing the impact of victimisation and trauma, support for a victim awaiting a criminal trial following sexual harassment and abuse, and  also psychological interventions, for those suffering from any traumas related to harassment or abuse. 

 Dr Saddik has observed that sexual harassment is common place and the influence of sexual harassment is far reaching and detrimental, particularly for young women.  Dr Saddik has worked with many cases of sexual harassment in the youth. Sexual harassment often results in self-harm and suicidal tendencies requiring immediate psychological attention. 

 Dr Saddik has a history of 40 yeas of learning and practice in clinical psychology. She is based in London and has worked internationally. Her interests include working with trauma  and empowering women. Available for consultation and support, she works in Mayfair, Harley Street and St John’s Wood.

For Solicitors requiring reports  see Expert Witness Directory

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Dr Marina Nani
Dr Marina Nani


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